Welcome to Cosmos City
Humankind has always been fascinated with Space and the Future.

Artists and scientists, filmmakers and innovators, all try to imagine the secrets of the Universe centuries ahead.

Space and the Future are the two things nearly everyone can imagine, but most will never get to see.

Cosmos City is our attempt to envision both. It is a physical and virtual platform - a 'Space City' here on Earth, educating, enlightening, and entertaining our visitors and subscribers through its focus on Space exploration, sustainability, and our future.

Cosmos City is also a home for the ideas and inventions of artists, scientists and innovators who are committed to healing our Planet and exploring the potential of space, optimising Humanity's future.

Our City is:
  • An Edutainment Centre focused on space, sustainability, self-development and the future
  • An Innovation Hub for space and future tech, R & D, innovation and investment
  • A 'space' hotel, health and residential complex
  • An online platform creating a VR/immersive digital world for self-development, edutainment and enlightenment online
The vision
Тhrough broadening our knowledge of the Cosmos, our mission is to change the way people think about our planet and themselves.

For decades humanity has been obsessed with the unlimited consumption of goods, services, natural resources, energy, and information. We live unsustainably, ruining our environment, draining the Earth's natural resources, ignoring millions who live in hunger poverty, forcing into extinction species after species of plant and animal.

Cosmos City aims at shifting our focus so we can push humanity to a new level of awareness, and help the next generation prepare for life in the cosmic future.

Through our edutainment programmes, and art and science installations, we hope to show all our visitors – online and offline - how to rediscover an appreciation for our planet and its oceans, and the vast Cosmos of which we are a part.
The concept
Cosmos City's 'Big Idea' is built around a balanced synthesis of the real and virtual, the terrestrial and cosmic worlds, through a combination of Edutainment, cutting-edge innovation research and development, self-development, and the arts.

The core concept of Cosmos City revolves around the idea of the micro- and macrocosm, where the macro- is represented by interactive installations, exhibitions and entertainment envisioning future cosmic worlds, while the microcosm centres on the idea of physical and spiritual evolution leading to personal inner development.
Why is the Cosmos Center unique?
Unlike existing educational and entertainment venues across the world, through our Space, Self-Development, Edutainment and Sustainability/Climate Change reversal programmes, we offer our visitors and subscribers the chance to learn more about our Planet and the mystery of the Universe, participating in the creation of our Future through broadening awareness of our capabilities, and the impact we can have in our own communities, and beyond.
Our goals
1. Evolving and upgrading humanity and the human mind.

2. Understanding our Planet, the Oceans, and Nature, and the endless possibilities of Space.

3. Providing inspiration and education for a better Future and a better World.

4. Creating a Community passionate about our Planet, our Future, and Space.

5. Taking care of our Planet Earth through sustainable development, addressing climate change, paving the way for a reversal of the climate crisis.

6. Creating a support system - online & offline - in which new talent - scientists, artists, coders, inventors, programmers, and engineers - can flourish.

7. Discovering and developing new technologies for a better World.

8. Dismantling mental borders through a cosmic shift of body and mind.

9. Providing unforgettable entertainment and enlightenment for our visitors
The Cosmos Center will have four distinct function
As a destination location offering edutainment and innovation facilities related to all aspects of space, sustainability on our planet, human development and enlightenment, and the future
As an architecturally significant project introducing new types of earthbound retreats and spaces, celebrating the achievements of future technologies, allowing our visitors experience well-being and taste a flavour of what the future might hold.
As a home for innovative space and future oriented educational programs, and open dialogues and forums where anyone can share their ideas and visions, present research results and technological ideas, and find support among the global communities and experts.
Cosmos City will address climate change and sustainable living issues. It will be built, and will function using the most up to date sustainable technologies. It will become an educational platform for behavioral change, leading by example, a thought-leader in building progressive dialogue, and accelerating the healing of our planet.
Cosmos City will be located on 30 hectares of land, with over 100,000m2 of newly constructed buildings, including the Edutainment Center, Innovation Hub, Space Hotel, Residences, and a bus, rail, and heliport terminal.

Site selection for the project is currently underway.

Phase 1 sees the creation of specially designed modular pavilion (2,000m2 approx.) to showcase Cosmos City's Space and Future Edutainment, planned to open in Q1 2022.

Phase 2 sees the planning and design for Cosmos City being completed by Q2 2022, with the starting date for construction as the beginning of 2023.

Multimedia journeys to new space horizons and planet Earth in the future the using latest AR and XR technologies.
Experimentarium and education for all ages focused on self-development, sustainability, space and the future.
Fab labs and co-working space for space, future tech, and edutainment start-ups and small businesses.
Event program - conferences, festivals, master classes, business incubators.
The Building
A visionary architectural landmark
Asymptote Architecture, a cutting-edge architecture practicefounded by architects Hani Rashid and Lise AnneCouture in New York City. The partnership is recognized globally for highly innovative andvisionary buildings, masterplans, and interiorarchitecture, as well as speculative research and designprojects related to the future of architecture and cities. Asymptote has developed major masterplans, includingChangsha Eco-Tech Resort City China, as well as a masterplan for the center of Monterrey, Mexico, a newCBD for the Prague Czech Republic, and a newcultural masterplan for the coastal capital ofAzerbaijan, Baku.

«Our primary and insatiable desire to comprehend the infinite realms of space, and the cosmos has always intrigued, perplexed, and above all, inspired humankind to speculate and dream. Architecture, as one of many manifestations of humankind's delirium and aspirations, has since the very beginning been a conduit to the comprehension of the mysteries of realms well beyond our imagination. The essential need to comprehend disconcerting voids, mysterious objects, and uncanny phenomena have fueled our fantasies and science. The architecture of the Kosmos Center is derived from the mathematics, tectonics, and formations of Carbon at the molecular level. On Earth, all known living things have a carbon-based structure and system. Graphene, for example, has a massive covalent structure in which each carbon atom is joined to three other carbon atoms by what are called covalent bonds. The carbon atoms themselves that form multiple layers with a hexagonal arrangement of atoms, a unique and elegant architecture. This inspired our forms and tectonics when designing the project where we were in search of an architecture that described not only the encapsulating of information and data but more importantly, mysteries and above all else, possibilities both earthly and for humankind's inevitable interstellar existence.»Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture New York 2019
Mixing the best of edutainment with art and enlightenment
Programmes that inspire learning and curiosity
Space and Universe
Visionary forces in our planetary development
Online educational platform
Future, Space, Sustainability and Self-development educational courses
Live in space, here on Earth
Aliya Grig, Founder and CEO, Cosmos City.
Aliya was born in 1986 in the USSR into a family of astrophysicists who had collaborated with some of the greatest scientists and space thinkers of our time (e.g. Stephen Hawking, the Strugatsky brothers)
Aliya has worked in both the public and private sectors, and is the founder of two high-tech companies in the area of fuel cells and new materials. She also headed a Foundation dedicated to urban and social awareness, and successfully launched a project aimed at the sustainable redevelopment of several regional cities, and the Moscow River catchment area.
Aliya is a frequent speaker and panellist at the world's leading tech and innovation events. She is the author of a number of space themed books, a contributor to Forbes, and is the founder and CEO of the Human Cosmos online platform launched in Auturmn 2020.

"Cosmos City is an exciting step towards a deeper understanding of how our World can be optimised through increasing our comprehension of the 'Cosmos', and our place in it. It will stimulate a necessary quantum shift in our collective mindset, uniting people through increasing our awareness of who we are, and how fragile we are, encouraging is to build a better version of our Planet, and craft the Future of Humankind, both here on Earth, and in the furthest reaches of the Universe."

Aliya Grig, Founder/CEO

The visionary idea behind our first 'Space City' is pursuing and supporting innovation and endeavour, promoting values of care and consideration for all living beings evolving to explore new environments 'out there' in Space, while improving our living experience 'here' on Earth.

Our Cosmos City is both a technological and commercial project, but it is designed to enlighten and entertain, bringing to life a new consciousness guided by 360° awareness of quality living, and the progressive development of Humanity. If we can achieve this on Earth, only then can we transfer it beyond the stratosphere into the Cosmos."

Aliya Grig, Founder/CEO

Asymptote Architecture, top NY based architecture company, built over 30 projects worldwide
Hani Rashid & Lise Anne Couture
Founded in 1989 by Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture, NYC. Leading international architecture practice that has distinguished itself globally with intelligent, innovative and visionary projects, virtual reality environments as well as interiors and design.


Over 15 years of international experience in Construction, Real Estate, Operations, and Facilities with a combined project experience of managing over $500M in property developments including Capital Project's renovation of Saks Flagship Store on 5th Avenue, "L' Avenue" Restaurant in NYC designed by Philippe Stark, Hudson Bay Company (HBC) / Saks, WeWork and others.
Concept, Strategy
& Partner Relations

30 years experience in international trade and project management. Represented the Irish Government in Russia as the Head of Enterprise Ireland and the Commercial Department of the Embassy of Ireland. Managed large scale private sector development projects (20x ROI). Content creator, festival founder.

Hotel Construction and Operation Director

More than 20 years of experience in the 5-star Hotel Industry and VIP residential development e.g. Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai, Savoy Westend Hotel Karlovy Vary Czech Republic, Marriott Hotels of Moscow, Opera Hotel Kiev Ukraine, Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi, Italy and others.

Head of Communications

Over 15 years in Marketing and PR. Founder
of Phelan Strategic Consulting international communications agency. Owner of a US-based media network.
Managed brand development for Nike, LVMH, etc.
Raised over $120m in sponsorship and branding placement.

Development director
Has over 20 years of experience in the Luxury segment, brokering the sale of the luxury yachts and cruise ships and their subsequent management to a range of high-value buyers from Russia, Germany, Monaco, Dubai, Sweden, Ukraine, etc.
Creative director
Founded 3 IT start-ups including PlayDisplay, which was engaged in interactive visual technologies using AR / VR. He acted as an investor in a company developing browser games and applications for social networks.
Financial advisor
Over 20 years of experience in the investment banking, private equity and project management sectors. Prior to joining the Cosmos City team, Andrey gained extensive practical experience in the investment banking departments of Renaissance Capital, Private Equity Group, Citigroup and UBS added to five year's experience in the London office of one of the leading international consulting companies Bain & Co
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