Is a Multimedia Pavilion with a unique immersive show ‘Reach the Stars’ that encourages a person to study himself on the scale of the Universe, the interaction of his being with outer space, and consistent movement along with planet Earth.
The big idea is built around the theory of micro- and macro-space.
A human being has endless opportunities hidden inside his body, brain, and consciousness. There is a new evolutionary stage we are facing now, and we can really move to the next level of our development and discover all the hidden capabilities and superpowers inside us. We have to be strong, mindful, and judgment-free to reach the next geographical frontier in space. Through the development of micro-cosmos, we discover macro-cosmos.

Project's Mission is to discover hidden capabilities, and talents inside the inner self through the show. After visiting the show guests can get guidance on how to change their life and to be happier, healthier, and wealthier. All this is subject to our connection to the Universe.
‘Reach the Stars’ is an immersive show that combines the latest technology presented in a modern museum, theater, cinema, as well as the entertainment sector.

We have combined the most effective ways to engage and immerse the viewer in the process of familiarizing him with the history of the formation and evolution of Cosmos, Astrology, planet Earth, and other planets in the Universe. The visitor is invited not only to passively observe the presentation of facts but to become an active participant and onlooker the events taking place in space at all times.

At the end of the performance, the visitor receives practical recommendations put together inside the special mobile application with practices and an astrological calendar which takes into account his unique personality and gives keys to the development of his potential.
Multimedia + VR experience
7 interactive rooms with different experience
Total area: from 500 sq meters up to 700 sq meters
Guidance will be available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Russian.
Immersive experience
An Edutainment Centre focused on space, sustainability, self-development, and the future
An Innovation Hub for space and future tech, R&D, innovation and investment
Multimedia journeys to new space horizons and planet Earth in the future using the latest AR and XR technologies.
Experimentarium and education for all ages focused on self-development, sustainability, space, and the future.
Fab labs and co-working space for space, future tech, and edutainment start-ups and small businesses.
Event program: conferences, festivals, master classes, business incubators.
COSMOS PAVILION is a pre-launch format for The Cosmos Center (to be open in Los Angeles in 2028)
The First pop-up pavilion will be placed in Los Angeles, later on, it will be relocated to Miami, NYC, London, Berlin, Singapore