COSMOS CENTER ON EARTH is an evolutionary investment project that aims to create an edutainment visitor center, an innovation hub, and a hotel and residential complex dedicated to space, sustainability, human development and the future.

The project will be supported by an extensive multi-purpose online edutainment platform using the latest AI, EI (emotional intelligence) and audio-visual technology.
COSMOS CENTER is also a home for the ideas and inventions of artists, scientists, and innovators who are committed to healing our Planet and exploring the potential of space, optimizing Humanity's future.
COSMOS CENTER 's 'Big Idea' is built around a balanced synthesis of the real and virtual, the terrestrial and cosmic worlds, through a combination of Edutainment, cutting-edge innovation research and development, self-development, and the arts.

The core concept of COSMOS CENTER revolves around the idea of the micro- and macrocosm, where the macro- is represented by interactive installations, exhibitions, and entertainment envisioning future cosmic worlds, while the microcosm centers on the idea of physical and spiritual evolution leading to personal inner development.
An Edutainment Centre focused on space, sustainability, self-development, and the future
An Innovation Hub for space and future tech, R&D, innovation and investment
A 'space' hotel, health and residential complex
An online platform creating a VR/immersive digital world for self-development, edutainment and enlightenment online
COSMOS CENTER ON EARTH will be located on 30 hectares of land*, with over 100,000 m2 of newly constructed buildings, including the Edutainment Center, Innovation Hub, Space Hotel, Residences, and a Bus Station, Railway Station, and Heliport Terminal.
The offline facility based on sustainable architecture principles is designed by new york architects Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture (Asymptote).

Asymptote Architecture, a cutting-edge architecture practicefounded by architects Hani Rashid and Lise AnneCouture in New York City. The partnership is recognized globally for highly innovative andvisionary buildings, masterplans, and interiorarchitecture, as well as speculative research and designprojects related to the future of architecture and cities. Asymptote has developed major masterplans, includingChangsha Eco-Tech Resort City China, as well as a masterplan for the center of Monterrey, Mexico, a newCBD for the Prague Czech Republic, and a new cultural masterplan for the coastal capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

«Our primary and insatiable desire to comprehend the infinite realms of space, and the cosmos has always intrigued, perplexed, and above all, inspired humankind to speculate and dream. Architecture, as one of many manifestations of humankind's delirium and aspirations, has since the very beginning been a conduit to the comprehension of the mysteries of realms well beyond our imagination. The essential need to comprehend disconcerting voids, mysterious objects, and uncanny phenomena have fueled our fantasies and science. The architecture of the Kosmos Center is derived from the mathematics, tectonics, and formations of Carbon at the molecular level. On Earth, all known living things have a carbon-based structure and system. Graphene, for example, has a massive covalent structure in which each carbon atom is joined to three other carbon atoms by what are called covalent bonds. The carbon atoms themselves that form multiple layers with a hexagonal arrangement of atoms, a unique and elegant architecture. This inspired our forms and tectonics when designing the project where we were in search of an architecture that described not only the encapsulating of information and data but more importantly, mysteries and above all else, possibilities both earthly and for humankind's inevitable interstellar existence.»

Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture
New York 2019
Step into the realm where visionary talent meets the zenith of architectural innovation – welcome to the COSMOS CENTER a creation of the illustrious duo, Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture of Asymptote Architecture. Here, every curve and contour tells a story, every structure is a verse in the poetry of space and sustainability.

The COSMOS CENTER stands as a testament to what happens when the boundaries of imagination are transcended, merging the ethereal beauty of the cosmos with the tangible world. This is not just architecture; it's a journey into the future, where form harmoniously meets function, and the environment syncs with innovation.

Our design ethos is rooted in the philosophy of creating spaces that speak to the soul while addressing the future of our planet. Utilizing cutting-edge materials and green technologies, COSMOS CENTER is designed to be a paragon of sustainability, reducing its carbon footprint and setting new standards for eco-friendly design.

Inside, each space is meticulously crafted to foster learning, innovation, and discovery. From the grandiose entrance that welcomes you into a universe of knowledge to the serene spaces that encourage contemplation and connection with the cosmos, every element is a piece of the larger puzzle of understanding our place in the universe.

The COSMOS CENTER is not just a building; it's a beacon of inspiration, a symbol of what humanity can achieve when we reach for the stars.
Education Space
Open space where presentations, hackathons, special workshops,
symposiums and demonstrations can be held.
Multi-Media Auditorium
Accommodate seating for 250 people where events and lectures will be held. Video conferences, digital presentations, and audio & visual projections will be possible
An informal gathering place with open fixed seating for 200 people that allows for open presentations and TED-like talks.
Reception Lobby
Central space to welcome visitors and guide them further into the institute. Recognizable to the visitor immediately upon entry.
Restaurant & Cafe
Open space where presentations, hackathons, special workshops,
symposiums and demonstrations can be held.
Yoga & Meditation Space
A peaceful space with views out towards the landscape in which yoga, meditation and other body-work classes can be held.
Exhibition Spaces & Galleries
Space for presentations, temporary installations, theme related exhibitions and events
Unlike existing educational and entertainment venues across the world, through our Space, Self-Development, Edutainment and Sustainability/Climate Change reversal programmes, we offer our visitors and subscribers the chance to learn more about our Planet and the mystery of the Universe, participating in the creation of our Future through broadening awareness of our capabilities, and the impact we can have in our own communities, and beyond.
As a destination location offering edutainment and innovation facilities related to all aspects of space, sustainability on our planet, human development and enlightenment, and the future
As an architecturally significant project introducing new types of earthbound retreats and spaces, celebrating the achievements of future technologies, allowing our visitors experience well-being and taste a flavour of what the future might hold.
As a home for innovative space and future oriented educational programs, and open dialogues and forums where anyone can share their ideas and visions, present research results and technological ideas, and find support among the global communities and experts.
Cosmos Center will address climate change and sustainable living issues. It will be built and will function using the most up-to-date sustainable technologies. It will become an educational platform for behavioral change, leading by example, a thought leader in building progressive dialogue and accelerating the healing of our planet.
Cosmos Edutainment Centre will be home to a wide range of interactive space, future and sustainability-themed installations aimed at bringing visitors to a deeper understanding of space and the cosmos, and our connection to them through real-time, immersive ‘life in space’ and educational futuristic experiences. The Centre will include a virtual Observatory, the history of the cosmos, a closer look at our planet and the solar system, a section of an orbital space city, space and future art exhibition space, and numerous XR, haptic, and holographic installations.

Invent & Innovate
A major innovation hub for companies working in the space, sustainability, future tech, and human development sectors. The hub will gather together tech innovation companies in the space, sustainability, human development, and future sectors providing scaling support, co-working space, fab labs, investor access, and a human interface testing site for MVP’s (through the Edutainment Centre).

A unique ‘Space Hotel’ for COSMOS CENTER visitors and space tourists offering them an authentic ‘space vacation’ experience. Full access for COSMOS CENTER visitors and Innovation Hub companies.

COSMOS CENTER bus, rail, sea, self-drive car terminal, and heliport.
Access to the location for all available modes of transport

The Human Cosmos App is a tool for subscribers to unlock their inner human and spiritual potential and help them define and set their daily and general goals. The Human Cosmos app will continuously develop an AI and EI-based engagement platform for online subscribers and visitors to COSMOS CENTER which will allow them to create avatars, guides, and online companions. It will introduce a new format of online community to keep users engaged in the life of COSMOS CENTER 24/7.

The COSMOS CENTER online Edutainment Platform will allow subscribers to get a taste of what awaits them at COSMOS CENTER , and stay connected to the COSMOS CENTER experience once they have visited. It will provide a virtual excursion through the Cosmos, and introduce subscribers to COSMOS CENTER’s edutainment program.
Initial planning, research, and development for a multifaceted project encompassing architecture, entertainment, education, and due diligence.
Project documentation development, due diligence finalization, approval processes, site selection, and commencement of construction for a new project.
Land purchase, launch of the Cosmos Metaverse online platform, completion of construction, testing, and sales activities.