Vision & Mission
is to push humanity to a new level of awareness and help the next generation prepare for life in the Cosmic Future.

Through our edutainment programs, and art and science installations, we hope to show all our visitors – online and offline - how to rediscover an appreciation for our planet its oceans, and the vast Cosmos of which we are a part.
is to encourage human development and transformation allowing our visitors to acquire a broad range of skills to stimulate human interconnectedness through a better understanding of space and the Cosmos, and our role in the Universe.
Through broadening our knowledge of the Cosmos, our aim to change the way people think about our Planet and themselves.

For decades humanity has been obsessed with the unlimited consumption of goods, services, natural resources, energy, and information. We live unsustainably, ruining our environment, draining the Earth's natural resources, ignoring millions who live in hunger and poverty, forcing into extinction species after species of plant and animal.
Evolving and upgrading humanity and the human mind.
Understanding our Planet, the Oceans, and Nature, and the endless possibilities of Space.
Providing inspiration and education for a better Future and a better World.
Creating a Community passionate about our Planet, our Future, and Space.
Dismantling mental borders through a cosmic shift of body and mind.
Providing unforgettable entertainment and enlightenment for our visitors
Discovering and developing new technologies for a better World.
Taking care of our Planet Earth through sustainable development, addressing climate change, paving the way for a reversal of the climate crisis.
Creating a support system - online & offline - in which new talent - scientists, artists, coders, inventors, programmers, and engineers - can flourish.