Aliya was born in 1986 in the USSR into a family of astrophysicists who had collaborated with some of the greatest scientists and space thinkers of our time (e.g. Stephen Hawking, the Strugatsky brothers)

Aliya has worked in both the public and private sectors and is the founder of two high-tech companies in the area of fuel cells and new materials.

Aliya Grig is a renowned entrepreneur and AGI researcher, pioneering in creating empathetic AI. She is the founder of Cosmos City and also - Evolwe AI startup, which focuses on building empathetic AI technology, and the founder of Kosmos Foundation creating a new generation of anthropomorphic robots for manufacturing and deep space exploration.

With 15 years of global experience in launching tech startups, including a successful space tech venture and collaborations with giants like Boeing, NASA, and Lexus, Aliya has made significant contributions to technology and space exploration.

Her work, merging insights from neuroscience, cognitive science, and consciousness studies, has earned her accolades from ESA, CDL, and Starburst, as well as recognition as a Top 100 women entrepreneur in AI in 2021 and a Forbes Europe Young Entrepreneur nominee in 2018. A regular speaker at international forums and a mentor for programs like Women in Tech, Aliya continues to influence the fields of deep space exploration and advanced artificial intelligence.

Aliya is a frequent speaker and panelist at the world's leading tech and innovation events. She is the author of several space-themed books, a contributor to Forbes, and is the founder and CEO of the Human Cosmos online platform launched in Autumn 2020.
Aliya Grig
Founder and CEO, Cosmos City
There are two things in the world that are still not understood: the Universe and human consciousness. My goal is to understand how human consciousness functions and, through this understanding, create an artificial consciousness that will aid in unraveling the mysteries of our Universe. I believe the true task of AI is to usher humanity into a new era of evolution, helping us uncover novel perspectives and horizons, both within ourselves and in the Universe.
Aliya Grig, Founder and CEO, Cosmos City.
Concept, Strategy
& Partner Relations
Hotel Construction and Operation Director
More than 20 years of experience in the 5-star Hotel Industry and VIP residential development e.g. Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai, Savoy Westend Hotel Karlovy Vary Czech Republic, Marriott Hotels of Moscow, Opera Hotel Kiev Ukraine, Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi, Italy and others.

30 years experience in international trade and project management. Represented the Irish Government in Russia as the Head of Enterprise Ireland and the Commercial Department of the Embassy of Ireland. Managed large scale private sector development projects (20x ROI). Content creator, festival founder.

Head of Communications
Over 15 years in Marketing and PR. Founder
of Phelan Strategic Consulting international communications agency. Owner of a US-based media network.
Managed brand development for Nike, LVMH, etc.
Raised over $120m in sponsorship and branding placement.
Development director
Marketing Assistant
Founded 3 IT start-ups including PlayDisplay, which was engaged in interactive visual technologies using AR / VR. He acted as an investor in a company developing browser games and applications for social networks.

Founded 3 IT start-ups including PlayDisplay, which was engaged in interactive visual technologies using AR / VR. He acted as an investor in a company developing browser games and applications for social networks.

Financial advisor
Over 20 years of experience in the investment banking, private equity and project management sectors. Prior to joining the Cosmos City team, Andrey gained extensive practical experience in the investment banking departments of Renaissance Capital, Private Equity Group, Citigroup and UBS added to five year's experience in the London office of one of the leading international consulting companies Bain
Over 15 years of international experience in Construction, Real Estate, Operations, and Facilities with a combined project experience of managing over $500M in property developments including Capital Project's renovation of Saks Flagship Store on 5th Avenue, "L' Avenue" Restaurant in NYC designed by Philippe Stark, Hudson Bay Company (HBC) / Saks, WeWork and others.

Hani Rashid
& Lise Anne Couture
Asymtote architecture
project design
Founded in 1989 by Hani Rashid and Lise Anne Couture, NYC. Leading international architecture practice that has distinguished itself globally with intelligent, innovative and visionary projects, virtual reality environments as well as interiors and design.
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